Thursday, April 17, 2008

I took another walk along the railroad bed today. I did not bring my fly rod, but did bring my camera. It was difficult shooting the fish even with a polarized filter because of the angle of the sun and because my lens kept wanting to focus on the tree branches in the foreground as opposed to the fish. Anyway, there did not seem to be as many fish as there were yesterday afternoon. They probably wait until the sun heats up the water before heading up onto the flats, and I suspect I was a bit early.

I did manage to see the big bass sitting on its nest again. Every time I tried to sneak in to take its picture, it slide away until I left. It was obvios it could see or sense me standing on the railroad bed above it.

Hopefully tomorrow will be nice again and I can get back to it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ahhhh, Spring!!

Today was absolutely gorgeous. Light winds, warm temperatures and not a cloud in the sky. I went for walk in the woods mid--morning to stretch out my back which I had disk surgery on last week. I found myself walking down a path that is an old railroad bed that runs to the Sudbury river. As I walked along the railroad bed I was about 10 feet above the water and could see very well into the water. The first fish I saw was a nice largemouth bass in the 4 0r 5 pound range protecting what appeared to be the start of a nest. I threw some bread near it and it just sort of seemed annoyed at it. I moved about 50 feet down the causeway to another clearing and tossed some more bread into the water. Within a minute I saw the first carp of the season slide in toward shore in search of the bread. As I threw more bread, more carp appeared. It seemed that they were coming up out of the river, maybe for the first time this season, and were curious. I walked back out of the wood and headed to my truck. There I decided to get my waders on and make my first trip of the season to the carp fields.

I checked out the usual hole by the causeway and there was nothing in it. I think the water is just too shallow this year and unless the level rises soon, the carp won't make it into that area this season. I walked around the corner and toward the railroad causeway. As I was walking across the flooded grass I spotted a fish about 10 feet in front of me, laid up in the grass in knee-deep water. It was a nice pike about 36 inches long. It was facing directly at me so I just did a roll cast with the small white bread fly I had already tied onto my tippet back at the truck. The pike completely ignored my offering so I made several more casts to it and finally spooked it with one cast that was just a bit too close.

I worked my way over toward the causeway where I had earlier on my walk successfully chummed up the fish. They were still there milling around. I began throwing bread and within a couple minutes I had about 8 fish aggressively searching for food. I made a cast and immediately a fish ate my fly. Before I could set the hook, however, the fish spit it. It had felt the hook and made a lot of commotion, spooking most of the other fish out of the area.

I let the area settle down a bit and went back a few minutes later. I was able to get more fish back fairly quickly and soon there were some new fish feeding aggressively again. There was one fish that seemed very eager and was taking bread off the surface. He (or she) was one of the bigger fish I've seen and before long I was able to get it to eat my fly. It made two blistering runs toward the river. The little 6-weight was really maxed out but after about 5 minutes I had the fish by my side and was able to grab the hook with my needlenose pliers and let it swim off. I'd guess the fish was al of 20 pounds, and if someone told me it went 30 pounds, I'd believe them. I never touched the fish and never took it out of the water, so I really have no idea. I do know it was just slightly shorter than my leg and very fat.

I decided I had had enough exercise for the day and my back was beginning to bark at me, so I headed back to my truck. Hopefully I'll get another shot at them tomorrow.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A-Carping We Will Go...

I drove by the carp flats this morning and they are looking pretty good. The water level is up and should rise some more with today's heavy rains and the snowmelt up North. It would be nice to have the water temperature come up as it is just too cold right now for any carp to be moving onto the flats. A few nice warm sunny days would really help things, but the weather prognosis is for below-average temps again for most of next week. I figure bby the third or last week of April we should have plenty of carp action. I am really looking forward to it this year and will spend more time on the carp flats and less time driving between here and the Cape to save gas money. I think I'd rather stay local and catch carp rather than spend all that coin on gas just to catch 16-inch stripers.

I did get to the Cape yesterday and uncovered the boat and dragged it back up here. It's sitting in the shed at Marabello's right now just waiting for me to get over there to work on it. It was nice be on the Cape on a sunny spring day like yesterday. I stopped by Scorton Creek and saw a nice trout hanging at the head of the pool upstream of the culvert at Jones Lane. I made one cast at it and it spooked in the shadows of the cut bank, never to be seen again.