Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've been fishing up North in NH quite a bit lately and it's been pretty good in the Portsmouth area, particularly in the back rivers. Some nice bass, but nothing huge.

Spent some time in Vineyard Sound last week, pre-Earl, looking for False Albacore and Bonito. We spotted a couple of schools of Albies just as we cleared the jetties at Green Pond. We followed them across the Sound and ended up over by State Beach on the Vineyard where there were some more scattered schools of both Albies and Bonito. They were spread out and tough to get on. I managed to get a huge black seabass whihc was delicious on the grill that night.

I took a bussman's holiday last Sunday and Capt. Whiskey Dick and I headed out of Marina Bay in search of tuna. We managed a nice slot fish on a spinning rod. It taped just shy of 58 inches and weighed between 90 and 100 pounds.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Well, it's been a while. I had a bunch of charters over the last few weeks. I consider all of them to be successful because we caught fish, but we didn't always catch what we were after. Either way, it's always good to be on the water. A Previous client, Steve came out to the Cape for a few days and it was great to see him. Although we saw some tuna, we had no viable shots at them. We caught plenty of nice bass and a few scary-big blues but our target was tuna. The next day, I had a family of four from Syracuse, NY onboard. Once again the target was tuna. We had an absolute shit-show pop up in front of us at one point in the A.m., but the fish were moving too fast to even get close to. Managed a few nice bass and blues and had a great whale show up on the Bank.

I've getting to know the waters around the NH seacoast a bit and have done quite well fishing the back rivers for striped bass. There's plenty to learn and I plan on making it a priority.

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Fished with Bobby and his son, Jay today. We left Barnstable Harbor and headed NW toward Plymouth. Ran into acres of busting tuna on the flat-calm seas. They were tough to get up on but we did manage to get some decent casts into them. It was quite the acrobatic show, with tuna clearing the water and crashing all over. Some of the pods of fish were quite impressive and stayed up for a while, others were ones and twos and down quickly. Bobby had a fish smash a popper right at the side of the boat, but the fish was headed straight at us and we never came tight. The came up pretty hard around the tide change at Noon so we pounded our way back South and did some flats fishing for bass to end the day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I apologize to any and all folks who have tried to ascertain information from my blog, only to see the same old post forever. The last two years have been pretty personally tumultuous times in my life. In Spring 2008, I developed a stapf infection in my spine following a fairly routine back operation to repair a herniated disk. That injury, and the subsequent recovery, kept me off the water for most of that season. Last Spring, I was told by my Wife of 16 years that she wanted a divorce. While I did get some quality fishing time in, posting to my Blog became much less important than taking care of the things that needed taking care of, and making sure my two beautiful kids were going to be O.K.. I am happy to report that we have all (for the most part) made it through the storm and have begun to piece back together a normal, albeit different, life.

Fishing got off to a great start this year and has continued strong into June. I launch the boat on May 2 with the help of my lovely girlfriend, Sara and proceeded to catch about 15 keeper-sized inside Barnstable Harbor. Last week I had Doug Glen up from Pennsylvania for three days of Charters. Last season Glen had managed his largest striper ever with me, a nice 37-inch fish. He was bound and determined to best his record from last season. Despite a great effort over the three days that had dozens and dozens of nice sized bass coming over the rail, it wasn't until the last fish of the trip that Glen's prize finally came to hand. A beautiful 34-pound bass that ate an unweighted 9-inch squid colored Sluggo! Way to go Glen!

I took the Memorial Day Weekend to be off the water but will be out and about later this week if the weather holds. There are tuna being caught in decent numbers down along the backside of the Cape and I plan on checking them out for myself very soon.